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Pregnancy Care Center of Springfield, Inc.
700 N. 7th St., Suite B
Springfield, IL 62702
Phone: (217) 525-5630
Fax: (217) 528-9498

Office hours:
Tuesday - Thursday:
9 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.



About the Pregnancy Care Center of Springfield, Inc.

The Pregnancy Care Center is a private not-for-profit 501 (c) (3) organization serving Springfield, Illinois, and the surrounding central Illinois communities.

Our mission is to help pregnant women bring healthy babies into the world and to prepare parents for parenthood through education, advocacy, and collaborative partnerships with private and public organizations.

Our services/programs include:

  • Adoption Support
  • Happy “Birth” Day childbirth classes
  • Maternal Health and Counseling Services
  • Newborn Care Education
  • Prenatal Care Education
  • Parenting Education
  • Physician Referrals
  • Food For Two

All services provided by the Pregnancy Care Center are free of charge and confidential. Additionally, the Pregnancy Care Center is an application agent for the All Kids Insurance Program.

In 1978 fifteen community leaders, physicians, clergy and concerned family members came together to discuss the rising rate of teen pregnancy, lack of medical care of indigent women, and lack of resources for women experiencing an at risk pregnancy. Their concern resulted in the Care Center (now known as the Pregnancy Care Center of Springfield, Inc.)

The goal of the Center is to provide early prenatal care for all pregnant women no matter what their social or economic situation may be. To reach this goal the Center provides to all women the following: physician referrals, quality prenatal care, free classes and counseling. The Center is also an All Kids application agent and helps client's access services provided by State agencies as well as community agencies. The Center networks with all agencies in the area, thus avoiding duplication of services. These agencies in turn refer at risk pregnant women to us.

With all Pregnancy Care Center services free and confidential, no obstacles are in place to prevent a woman from coming forward to receive care as early as possible. The warm caring atmosphere creates a haven for women with an at risk pregnancy. After the birth of the baby, counseling and support continue for the client and family as long as needed. Appropriate referrals to other community support programs are also made at this time.


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