Counseling Services

We provide a range of professional counseling services to expectant women. Fathers-to-be are included in this process when appropriate. Areas often addressed are pregnancy issues, parenting, adoption, postpartum depression, relationship issues and grief support after the loss of a baby.

Food for Two

This is a supplemental food program in which we are able to offer pregnant women nutritious food choices when they come in to their appointments. With a grant from the Dominican Sisters we are now able to offer cold food items such as fresh fruits and dairy products.

Collaboration with Local Physicians

The Pregnancy Care Center has a close working relationship with all Springfield OB/GYN physicians and acts as a triage center for women with Medicaid which allows them early prenatal care and ongoing support.

When pregnant women contact a physician office or present at the Emergency Department they are referred to the Pregnancy Care Center. At the Pregnancy Care Center we make appointments for these clients with community physicians. We maintain an alphabetical list of these physicians and assign clients on a rotating basis that allows for all area OB/GYNs to take part in working with the Center.

Once the client has a physician, they return at least monthly to see the social worker/counselor at the Pregnancy Care Center and the Registered Nurse as often as needed for nutritional education and follow up.

Educational Services

Shaken Baby Syndrome, prenatal care, infant parenting, child development and nutrition are areas for which we provide information and education.

Life skills are addressed by the counselors in a one-to-one format as needed by the individual client as well as referrals to appropriate community agencies and classes.

“Smart Moms, Smart Babies” Educational Program using the Dunstan Baby method taught by our certified counselor.

Health-related services include pregnancy testing, processing applications for medical cards, and most important, referrals to community physicians for early and ongoing prenatal care.

The Pregnancy Care Center works closely with many community agencies to assure that clients receive support and services. Referrals are made for education, employment, food, housing, maternity home placement and adoption services, medical care and mental health care.

Material Goods

Material goods are provided to active Pregnancy Care Center clients and others referred to us for emergency supplies such as after a fire or loss of employment. Goods include maternity, infant and children (up to 18 months in size) clothing and diapers as well as personal care items (i.e. shampoo, toothpaste, soap, etc.).

From time to time, strollers, high chairs, beds, changing tables and other furniture also may be available when these items are donated to us.